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Uglyified OS X

Elementary OS.


Are You Infected With Flashback?

Rich Moguil at Macworld.com:

The bad guys clearly care more about Macs now. But we need to keep our perspective: We still see far less malware for Macs than we do for, say, Android phones.

Does this portend the end of our collective OS X virus-free arrogance? I don’t think so, at lest not yet but Moguil feels we will see more malware targeting OS X.

F-Secure has posted instructions on how to detect if you’ve been infected. You just have to copy, paste and run a few terminal commands. I have not been infected but I have to check the extended family make sure their Mac’s are all healthy.

AnandTech’s Usual Thorough Review of the Next Version of OS X: Mountain Lion

I love these things. My only question, and this applies as well to John Siracusa of Hypercritical and Ars Technica, where do these guys get the time to review and write these extraordinarily thorough dissections?

Thoughts on the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Developers Preview

These type of reviews are probably entertaining for only the ultra nerds/fans of Apple and OS X (of which I count myself) but I’d thought I’d share anyway. The less nerdy among us can always skip to the conclusion but what fun would that be?