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A Good Day

I went to bed last night feeling hopeful after watching the President get reelected  There were still major issues to decide in my home state of Minnesota and honestly I didn’t sleep all that great worrying about what I’d find when I woke. 

In a race that I thought was a lost cause, Rick Nolan beat incumbent Chip Cravaak to take back Minnesota’s 8th district. Chip Cravaak is a Tea Party extremist, a truly awful human being and did nothing but obstruct while representing the 8th. It feels great that we sent him packing.

Minnesota also said no to the hurtful, hate inspired Marriage Amendment proposal and no to the Republican party’s attempt to disenfranchise minority voters and seniors by defeating the Voter ID amendment. 

The Democrats also retook both houses in our state legislature. The future looks bright here in sunny Minnesota!

It’s a good day to be an American and a good day to be a Minnesotan.