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Look at it. Just look at it!


Throw Like A Girl

Tamar Haspel for the Washington Post:

A decade or so ago, in New York, a ball came flying over an 18-foot schoolyard fence just as I was passing by. There was no one I could hand it off to, and a gaggle of fifth-graders was waiting for me to toss it back. I had so little faith in my overarm throwing that I had to go underhand. The squeal of brakes was my first indication that the ball had ended up behind me, in the middle of Columbus Avenue. The best I can say about this incident is that nobody got hurt.

Finally, we’re better at something!

Report Spam to AT&T

If you have an iPhone you owe it to yourself (and me) to report Spam SMS/MMS messages. Until I read the write up over at TidBits I had no idea how to do so but now I’m all over it. It’s pretty simple and if we work together maybe we can rid the world of the cancer that is known as Spam (Unwanted email and or SMS/MMS messages, not the canned meat product made in Austin Minnesota which is delicious).

Bad Spam

Bad Spam

Bad Spam

Delicious Meat Product

Good Spam

Good Spam and Delicious Canned Meat Product

If Carpenters Talked Like Camera Geeks


Hammeruser: I’ve saved up for months and just got my Stiletto TB15SS titanium hammer. At $220 they’re pricey but with the replaceable stainless steel face, ultra light weight handle, and excellent balance I can see myself using this for many years. I’ve had it 3 days now and it’s just wonderful. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good framing nail to use with this hammer?

Hammergeek: You say it’s wonderful but I don’t see any photos of nails you’ve driven. I think it’s just overpriced crap.

Hammerfiend: You know, Ken Rockbuster said the Stiletto is really overpriced and he wouldn’t have one. For $14 you can get a Tekton rubber mallet set. It’s not any good for driving nails, but it is great for body work on your car. That’s what Ken recommends.

Funny stuff and spot on. A couple of people pointed out in the comments that real carpenters are just as bad as camera geeks when it comes to power tools. I can attest to that. I guess it’s all what you’re in to.

Footnotes In a WordPress Blog

I’ve been wanting to add footnotes in a WordPress blog for sometime but could never figure out how. There doesn’t seem to be any built in, automatic way to do this which seems kind of weird to me, but whatever. A thorough search of WordPress help finally yielded a workable solution.

You can check out my first footnoted post at (a blog I run at work).

You have to copy and paste some HTML while in HTML mode but it’s not difficult especially if you’ll only be using one footnote per post. More than one and you have to replace “X” in both sets of code with a unique identifier for each footnote i.e., 1, 2, 3, etc.

Happy footnoting!