AC/DC On iTunes!

This is old news but I’m just so damn excited about it that I have to post it here: AC/DC is finally available from iTunes!

AC/DC is, among other late 70’s early 80’s bands, the music of my formative years. Back in Black is the album and anthem to my high school years. No matter what party you were at, whether it was a bonfire fueled kegger in the middle of some kid’s family farm field or just a bunch of friends pounding them back at “the shack”, AC/DC’s Back In Black was always playing. Always.

I did some pretty stupid things to this music back then and frankly, I’m probably pretty lucky to still be alive and/or not in prison. Every time I hear one of those vicious, goose bump producing Angus and Malcom Young riffs, I’m transported back to chilly fall evenings with half my high school class gathered around a thirty foot high inferno of old tires, trying simultaneously to stay close enough to the fire to stay warm but not so close as to inhale unhealthy amounts of burnt tire soot. Warm keg beer flowed as freely as did our awkward, angst driven teenage hormones. Good times… Good times.

WARNING: Rock and Roll ahead!