Brett Terpstra’s simply awesome feature comparison of text editors for the iPhone and iPad. It’s exhaustive and if you’re on a craptastik Century Link DSL connection like me, let the page fully load before trying to do anything other than read the opening paragraphs. I love the chart and was able to quickly find iTextEditors that had desktop companions which was a deciding factor for me.

My current favorites (I can’t decide on just one) are Byword (iTunes Link – Mac App Store Link), iA Writer (iTunes LinkMac App Store Link) and Writing Kit (iTunes Link). I wish Writing Kit had a desktop app but I guess you can’t have everything.

iPhone writing apps screen and Writing Kit

Oh and if your writing is more akin to journaling and haven’t tried Day One, you’re missing out. It’s fantastic and has, of course, both a desktop and an iPhone/iPad version.