645 PRO: “dRAW” TIFF Images From Your iPhone

645 PRO is now available in the app store. This new camera app replacement is unique because it creates “dRAW” data files that you can process like RAW images you get from DSLR’s and higher end point and shoot cameras.

I confess that I don’t know all that much about RAW images as I don’t use them very often but this may be a significant step forward for iPhoneography. Glyn Evans post over at  iPhoneography.com:

Many blogs (including the iPhoneography blog) may have hyped up the use of the term RAW in the apps description, and many commenters have criticised the use of this word. Now I’m not going to comment or pass any judgment on whether the use of the ward RAW in the description is right or wrong, or misleading, but what I will say, and as the photos below show, is the apps ability to capture unfiltered “raw data” is a “game changer”.

I haven’t played much with the app but I can tell you that many of the controls are extremely hard to operate. I don’t have big fingers and adjusting settings can be a very frustrating endeavor. I also haven’t had time to play with the dRAW output either so I can’t comment on the claims of developer Michael Hardaker. Still, I’m pretty excited about this app and I do think it’s a significant step forward in iPhoneography. Game changer? Maybe.

Check out the PDF manual to see everything you can do with 645 PRO.