Woo hoo! My first shipment from Dollar Shave Club arrived today. I gleefully ripped open the package and this is what was inside:

Dollar Shave Club package contents

With free drink coupon (Flare‘d using the Dusty Film preset)

Okay, so here’s the deal. I chose the “Humble Twin” membership and received a nice, stainless steel looking handle, five twin blades and a free drink coupon/official club membership card[1]. On the membership card, for some silly reason, they specifically recommend not drinking and shaving but who reads the fine print on club membership cards anyway? Not me! [2]

The Humble Twin costs $1.00. I’m guessing that’s where they came up with the whole “Dollar Shave Club” schtick (yes, I am that quick). Shipping was $2 so all this shavidy goodness comes to a grand total of $3.

On the flip side of the membership card is a nice explanation of how the club works not that it really needs explaining.

I’m not entirely sure if they send the handle every month or if this was what you get with your inaugural shipment and subsequent months you just get the blades. I suspect it’ll just be the blades which is totally fine. I’m not expecting a new handle every month.

The packaging was simple cardboard and no doubt very Eco-friendly if your into that sort of thing. There were, however, 4 packing peanuts in there along with the razor and blades. Hopefully they’re the starch based biodegradable variety.

Official Club Membership Card

Official Club Membership Card with free drink coupon

The beauty of this is the club/subscription thing. I’m a 46 year old man who never really puts much thought into shaving and in fact I try to do it as little as possible. I really don’t like to shave but I also can’t stand having a full beard (I do have a goatee/mustache).  I was still kind of excited and looking forward to receiving my Dollar Shave Club shipment. That’s good marketing. I also really like the idea that my refill blades will show up in my mailbox once a month and I have to do nothing but make sure I have the $3.00 in my checking account when they charge my Visa.

I have no doubt that I’ll spend more per year on my razors and blades with Dollar Shave Club but there something to be said for not having to buy them at WalMart. I’d much rather spend a little extra on the club and knock one thing of my WalMart shopping list (I hate shopping at WalMart). I also like the idea of supporting a couple of funny, pissed of guys that came up with a great idea to addresses an actual need that I have, rather than the mega retailers of the world.

My only regret is that I didn’t come up with this idea myself [3].

Not that it needs any explaination

Backside Dramatized with Snapseed

1 Not really, but I’m going to try redeeming the coupon on the membership card anyway the next time I’m in a bar. I bet I’ll be a big hit with the waitress.

2 I think I might actually try drinking while shaving. I’d never thought of that before because I generally shave in the morning before work and well, drinking before work might have some undesirable consequences. If, however, I shaved at night right before bed, I could have a couple of highballs and might actually enjoy shaving for a change. Alcohol and stainless steel razor blades, what could go wrong? Something to consider for sure.

3 I actually have plenty of regrets but right now I just regret not being smart, creative or enough of an outside-the-box-thinker to not have thought of something like this. I love this idea!


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