My Two Senators Are Bought And Paid For

I was very disappointed to see that both of my senators have been bought buy the Motion Picture Association of American and probably by the recording industry as well. Find out if your elected officials sold their vote to Hollywood:

The uproar over PIPA and SOPA perfectly illustrates how broken our democracy really is. A powerful industry with a well funded lobby was able to buy the congressional support it needed in order to get bills favorable to their very deep pockets introduced in both houses. These awful pieces of legislation would literally break the internet but plenty of senators and representatives jumped on board because it means money in their war chests.

If you think you as an individual mean anything to your elected officials you’re a moron. Unless you own a large business and can financially support your members of congress with campaign donations you are nothing to them.


One thought on “My Two Senators Are Bought And Paid For

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