Bacon Grease

Sunday brunch

Scrambled eggs with sautéed asparagus, onion and Manchego cheese and bacon of course!

It’s the stuff of legends. Nectar of the gods.

Naturally it comes from the cooking of the single greatest food of all time: bacon. In our home we afford bacon it’s own food group and when we think about and organize our meal plans for the week we think in terms of meals made with bacon, bacon grease, bacon bits and bacon flavoring and those that are not.

I’ve started to save bacon grease. It’s easy and we use it on everything. Scramble some eggs in bacon grease and you’ll never use butter or oil again. Sauté green beans or asparagus in bacon grease and you’ll experience salivary orgasm.

Save your bacon grease by straining through cheesecloth into a mason jar or similar receptical. I line a small kitchen funnel with the cheesecloth, wait untill the grease is cooled sufficiently and then run it through the cloth into the jar. Jar gets stored in the refrigerator and I’m told will keep for at least a few weeks. I’m betting longer since I’m straining out all the little stray bits of bacon.


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